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  • The Windscreen Guys are the auto glass specialists for the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas and their mobile auto glass repair and auto glass replacement services will save you both time and money.

  • With a full warranty on both auto glass and workmanship, our leading auto glass technicians can repair or replace windscreens, side and rear windows on any make and model of motor car or truck.

When the auto glass is chipped or cracked many motorists find that their windscreen can easily be repaired by The Windscreen Guys and save money on a full replacement.

Chipped or cracked auto glass needs to be repaired as soon as possible as the chip or crack can quickly become a larger problem that will require a full windscreen replacement. The vibrations caused from your car while driving, plus factors such as a hot summer’s day can quickly turn a minor auto glass chip into a major crack that requires a full windscreen replacement.

Whatever extent your auto glass has been damaged, the auto glass and windscreen repair team at The Windsceen Guys can repair it, if the glass breaks to an extent of it not being repairable, you are assured that we will replace it at a reasonable price and offer a better quality. As a windscreen specialist in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, we are always eager to perform an auto glass or windscreen repair first.
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