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At the Windscreen Guys we use the Espirit Windscreen Repair System which meets all industry guidelines and our technicians are fully trained with the procedures that comply with Esprit Windscreen Repair Procedures, which can repair your windscreen back to approx. 90 - 95 % of original strength. For your ease and comfort our technicians can perform a windscreen repair or a windscreen replacement, in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast at your home or work and takes approx. 30min to perform a repair.

Espirit Repair

Deciding whether to repair or replace depends entirely on location and size of the damaged area.

Windscreen Repair

Things to know about windscreen repairs

  • Repairs are deigned to stop the damage from spreading
  • No repair is 100% invisible. Repaired damage area may have a scar remaining
  • Get the damage repaired ASAP as they can crack at a moment's notice.
  • Best results are achieved when the damage is new and free of contaminants, you can help this by placing a piece of clear sticky tape over the damaged area on the outside. You get best results when the damage is new and free of contaminants you can help this by placing a piece of clear sticky tape over the damaged area.(Please note this will not stop it from spreading)
  • Keep the damaged area free of water.
  • The age of the damage can affect the results quite significantly
  • You only need to repair if the glass is fractured or a crack is forming
  • Cracks cannot be repaired if they run from edge to edge
  • CVA = Critical Vision Area

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