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Windscreens: A piece of laminated autoglass designed to protect the inside of the cabin from the elements
Rear Glass: A piece of glass mostly toughened sometimes laminated stretching across the rear of the vehicle. Can have attached a antenna and/or heating elements
Vent Glass: A piece of glass located between the front door glass and the windscreen
Door Glass: The main piece of glass located in the front or rear door usually opening and closing
Quarter Glass: Usually a fixed piece of glass located between Rear door glass and the rear glass
Opera Glass: A piece of glass located between the quarter glass and rear glass
Cargo Glass: A piece of glass on the side of a wagon protecting the cargo area between the rear door & rear tailgate glass.
Tailgate Glass: A term used to describe the rear glass on wagons and vans. Tailgate opens up and down
Barn Door Glass: A term used to describe the rear glass on wagons and vans. Barn Doors open sideways. Considered to have a left and right glass
Rain Sensor: A sensor on the windscreen usually located near the mirror which detects water on your windscreen and automatically turns your wipers on
Light Sensor: A sensor on the windscreen usually located near the mirror which detects light diminishing and automatically turns your headlights on
Antenna: This is common for vehicles which have no external aerial. This is a thin wire usually located on the windscreen, rear glass or cargo glass
Heated: This is very common for the Rear Glass and can be found on the windscreen usually under the wipers. This is noticeable thick wire
HUD: Heads Up Display projects data on to windscreen for the drivers viewing.
Collision Avoidance Technology: Uses radar, laser and camera sensors to detect and imminent crash. This technology may be required to be re calibrated after your windscreen has been replaced.
Windscreen Repair: A system used to repair laminated glass by a method of removing the air from the damage and replacing the air with a clear resin which restores the integrity of the windscreen back to 90 – 95 %
VIN: Vehicle Identification Number. This is a unique number given to your vehicle by the manufacturer and is usually 17 characters long. This helps identify parts for your vehicle
Glass Colour: Glass comes in a variety of colours the best way to identify the colour is by placing a piece of white paper behind the glass. The colour privacy is a term used to describe dark O.E.M glass installed to side and rear of the vehicle.
O.E.M: Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM Glass is made by the same manufacturer which manufactured the original glass in your car. All Autoglass parts used by The Windscreen Guys are OEM or OEM Equivalent.
Urethane: A strong adhesive used to bond autoglass to the aperture of the vehicle. Safe Drive Away times apply See FAQ
Mould: A cosmetic part used to conceal adhesives under the glass. These are reusable or disposable depending on vehicle
Rubber: A part used to installed autoglass to the vehicle and are susceptible to weather elements such as UV.
Glass Furniture: A term used describe accessories attached to the glass e.g. sensors,
Aperture A term used to describe the pinch weld on a vehicle where glass is bonded or secured
Sensor Gel Pad A gel pad which is applied between sensor and glass
Primer A product which helps bond urethane between the glass and aperture
Encapsulation A term given when talking about glass which has the mould specially created and bonded to the glass making glass and mould one unit.( Encapsulated glass is supplied to us complete and ready for installation)
R&R A term used for Removing and Refitting your autoglass

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