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  • When it comes to windscreens in Brisbane, when making a windscreen repair or windscreen replacement claim can I choose who works on my vehicle or do I have to use a "recommended windscreenrepairer" and why?

    Yes, you have free choice of who works performs a windscreen repair or windscreen replacement on your vehicle and this should be taken advantage of. With just a few details such as a claim number and a billing email address we can bill direct to the insurance company taking care of the stress for you. By doing this you are supporting local business often resulting in better quality & service. Some clients even choose to pay us for the job and then claim back themselves this is ok too.

  • Do we offer trade a fleet prices?

    Yes we offer a fast reliable mobile windscreen replacement or repair service at competitive prices to all trade and fleet clients. Contact us to find out more.

  • To repair a windscreen or a choose a windscreen replacement?

    As a windscreen specialist in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, we are always eager to perform a windscreen repair first. Please refer to our windscreen repair or windscreen replacement page. Click Here

  • Do you guarantee your workmanship?

    Yes we like our workmanship so much we guarantee it for the entire lifetime of the vehicle while you own it. NO Leaks, NO Air Noises

  • Do you offer a Product Quality Guarantee?

    Yes all our autoglass parts are OEM or OEM Equivalent, Free of Cracks & Scratches.

  • What do you charge and do you offer a Price Match Guarantee?

    Yes, we promise to be competitive with our pricing. If you were quoted cheaper we promise to match it…

    • Windscreens from $197.00*
    • Windscreen Repairs just $67.00*
    • Autoglass Side & Rear from $99.00*
    • Reseals from $110.00*
    • Cut to Size Flat Laminated Glass from $99.00*
    • Min Charge $55.00*

  • What do our technicians require on the day of installation?

    Our automotive windscreen technicians are fully equipped to do whatever job you require; however we do have a couple of standard requests:

    • Safe Working Area free of traffic and any objects which may harm our technicians
    • Dry flat covered area preferred.
    • Technicians do not carry change so if paying by cash please have correct money.
    • If getting a repair or replacement done you will get better results if your vehicle has & is out of hot /wet weather conditions.
    •Access to lights and a power point if needed.

  • What Payments do you accept?

    We accept Cash, MasterCard or Visa credit cards. Technicians carry mobile eftpos machines Please note: Technicians do not carry change so if paying by cash please have correct money. We do not accept personal cheques.

  • How long will my job take?

    • Windscreen Repairs is generally performed in about 20 - 40min. Drive straight away
    • Windscreen Replacements vary depending on 2 main installation methods: Urethane & Rubber

    Urethane Method: Safety Drive Away Times Apply.

    Car: Allow 2 - 4 hrs for your car to be off the road. Vehicle depending
    Light/Medium Truck: Allow 2-4 hrs for your car to be off the road. Vehicle depending
    Heavy Rigid: Allow 2 to 12 hrs for your vehicle to be off the road. Vehicle depending
    Heavy Machinery: Allow 2 to 12 hrs before operating. Machine depending

    Rubber Method: Allow 1 hr for technician's to install your new windscreen. Drive straight away.

  • Will you vaccum the broken windscreen glass?

    Yes, if we have access to power we will make your car safe to drive our technicians will vaccum the remaining broken glass from the floor, seat & where possible inside the door frame .

  • Do you guarantee the windscreen glass will not break when performing a reseal or windscreen removal and refits?

    No we do not guarantee your glass will not break when removing the glass from the vehicle on reseals or R&R (Remove & Refits). This is an industry standard.

  • What is a windscreen reseal?

    A windscreen reseal is needed when the bonding between body and glass is weakening causing the windscreens to leak or attract annoying air noises. The process involves carefully removing your windscreen from the vehicle then reapplying the preps, primers, urethanes, moulds before carefully re installing the automotive windscreen back into the vehicle. We guarantee our workmanship but not the glass.

  • Do you guarantee the aftermarket tinting?

    All tinting is out sourced to reputable local tinting business offering warranty Initial claim must be made through The Windscreen Guys office for quality control reasons The Windscreen Guys is not responsible or guarantee tinting in any shape or form We do not guarantee the aftermarket tinting during the process of any reseal or R & R procedure.

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