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Warranty/ Privacy

Covers manufacturer quality faults & workmanship faults

  • The Windscreen Guys reserves all rights to warranty terms and may change at any time without consent.
  • The Windscreen Guys guarantees their windscreen repairs against cracking. In the event of a repair failing and cannot be fixed the cost of the repair will be deducted off the cost of replacement supplied and installed windscreen by The Windscreen Guys.

Warranty Limitations

  • Client is deemed to be invoicee and must be able to provide correct paperwork to claim.
  • Warranty is attached to invoicee and is non-transferrable. If one of our trade clients chooses to extend warranty all claims must be through that trade client e.g. mechanic, car dealer etc of original purchase.
  • Does not cover anything pre existing, damaged and or not working prior to arrival incl. moulds, rubbers, sensors, aperture surface incl rust, scratches. Autoglass rubbers are considered to be wear & tear item.
  • The Windscreen Guys does not guarantee apertures with rust or any other form of damage
  • The Windscreen Guys does guarantee workmanship where we have recommended a new rubber or mould and for whatever reason client has chosen not follow through with recommendation
  • The Windscreen Guys does not cover any paint which is removed from the use of masking tape/ double sided tape
  • The Windscreen Guys does NOT cover glass damage occurring outside glass manufacturer faults.
  • Clients own glass is the responsibility of the client. The Windscreen Guys accepts no responsibility for breakage, cracking, shattering, wiring, sensors etc.
  • The Windscreen Guys tries very hard to remove all glass from doors and cabin

Privacy Statement

The Windscreen Guys collects personal information given by the user in relation servicing queries, bookings, quotes and is used to service all queries, staff training and the occasional marketing campaign. We never store personal information such as credit cards details or bank account numbers. The Windscreen Guys promises to keep your information private and never sell your information to third parties.

Terms & Conditions

  • Repair. Damage must comply with Australian Standard AS/NZ2366.2 1999 to be performed.
  • Replacement. Price varies depending on vehicle and glass furniture.
  • Reseals, Fit Own or R&R. Glass 100% owner risk

  • Insurance Claims

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